Turkish intelligence MIT denies connection with Paris Kurd killings

January 15, 2014 –  ANKARA, AFP –  Turkey’s Intelligence Agency has refuted accusations that they were involved in the killings of three Kurdish activists in Paris last year.

Turkey’s National Intelligence Agency (MIT) denied on Tuesday any alleged connection with the Paris killings of PKK members, condemning media reports accusing it of involvement as an “operation aiming at knocking out the whole organization and incapacitating its responsible staff who all serve active roles in the Kurdish solution process by deciphering their identities.”, Anadolu Agency reported. A written statement released by the MIT Undersecretariat’s press office said the voice recordings and documents circulating in the media and on social media platforms aimed at associating the organization with the murder of PKK members.

“Our organization has no connection with the murders of Sakine Cansiz, Leyla Soylemez and Fidan Dogan. We have started the required administrative inquiry within our internal structure into the said allegations,” added the statement.

The MIT statement comes after the publication of an audio recording of the alleged murderer, Ömer Güney, of three Kurdish activists, the suspect tells two people, allegedly members of the Turkish Intelligence Service (MIT), about his plans on Paris murders.  Also a not proofed secret document, which bears the signature of MIT head of department, has published on Tuesday by Kurdish and Turkish media refers to the preparation of the assassination of Kurdish activists. The only suspect Ömer Güney, a Turkish immigrant in France, was placed under formal investigation within about a week of the triple murder.