Turkey vowed to create a “peace corridor” in Syria and launch an operation. The US has warned them not to.

Here are a few relevant statements:

The Coalition cares about its partners

Special forces care about the SDF

Our partners in NE #Syria have sacrificed much to consolidate gains and keep #peace and #stability to ensure a better #future, free of #Daesh.”

Pentagon warns Syria against operation.


The real desire is to wring something out of the US

Pentagon on NE #Syria-“This week we are holding high level military to military discussions in Ankara…We believe this dialogue is the only way to secure the border area in a sustainable manner. Any uncoordinated military operations by Turkey will undermine that shared interest.”

Turkey says it will launch the operation

Turkey cares about S-400 also:

“There is no concrete evidence showing the S-400s will harm the F-35s or NATO, nobody should deceive each other. Many NATO member states have purchased from Russia. We don’t see this being turned into a crisis,” Erdogan said. “As long as the structure continues to grow like a cancer on our southern border, with heavy weaponry provided by our allies, Turkey cannot feel secure.”

Refugees will return, this is Ankara’s goal:

Some still discuss safe zone