West Kurdistan: Barzani-backed Faction Demands Release of it’s Members

Barzani-supported Political Union demands release of KDP and Azadi-members by security police (Asayish).  

ISIS attacks Kurds and FSA in Jarabulus ISIS attacks Kurds and FSA in Jarabulus. 

Xeber24 claims Yekiti lacks support

Xeber24 (Pro-PYD) claims members of Kurdish Unity party resigning and loosing support in Ras al-Ain (Serikaniye).  Read more: Xeber24

ISIS executes Kurdish civilians in Tel Ebyad

Raqqa province: The ISIS executed 2 citizens from the Kurdish town Yabesa 5 days ago. The civilians were heading from their village to the city of Tal Abyad to buy bread when they were taken by the ISIS. They were killed and found in the village of Talsolah, between the village and the city, with their hands tied behind their backs and marks from torture evident on their bodies. The ISIS also released tens of Islamic fighters.  

Syrian regime bombs Afrin

Syrian jet fighter bombs restaurant in Afrin 16/1/2014 13:02:00 Print SYRIAN JET FIGHTER BOMBS RESTAURANT IN AFRIN A jet fighter belonging to the Syrian Regime forces bombed a restaurant in the village of Mary Qtma near the Kfaragna in Afrin. A source in the area told PUKmedia, Thursday, that jet fighter bombed Mary restaurant and left a number of dead and wounded. The exact number is unknown because of blocking the area and roads by units of the People’s protection in order to preserve the safety of the people, the source added. Alinda Ahmed / Afrin PUKmedia

This might be a response to Kurds helping out wounded FSA and IF fighters and giving them treatment in the Afrin hospital. Kurds support the armed groups against the ISIS. 

Kurds elect representatives for Afrin

Cindêris elected its representatives for Efrîn Canton Monday, 13 January 2014 17:38 hawarnews E-mail Print PDF EFRÎN- In Efrîn region, the first step has been taken in Cindêris town for the autonomous administration in Efrîn Canton. Residents of Cindêris elected their representatives having seats in Efrîn Canton.

The representatives were elected in a meeting that started with one minute silence. At the beginning of the meeting, member of Yekîtiya Star (women association of Rojava) delievered a short speech about principles of the autnomous administration in Rojava. Later on, names of 12 candidates were declared and people attending the meeting voted for their representatives. In the election results, the election committee announced that 4 women and three men were elected as representatives of Cindêrisyê town. Those that will have seats in the Efrîn Canton’s Assembly are Mihemed Naso, Fadil Receb Robcî, Hesen Mistefa Hesen, Şêrîn Zilxa, Şîraz Cemîl Hemo, Cengîn Hesen and Fikret Silêman

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