34 Civilians Still Detained in Jarabulus For Supporting PYD

69 civilians were arrested/captured by ISIS that returned from Turkey and 10 others were detained near Kobani reports Welati. According to Welati 45 were released and 34 still in prison on accusations of supporting the PYD. Allegedly some of them died under torture. A KNC-member hope they will release the rest for the eid al-fitr feast. – Posted by Wladimir van Wilgenburg

 ANHA Targets Azadi Party, Azadi Rejects Claims

ANHA targets Azadi party of Mustafa Cummaa, while Azadi party says the Azadi FSA brigade is not part of the Azadi party. According to the FSA commander’s speech the Azadi FSA group is actually affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Video Report on What Happened in Tel Ebyad

Engineer from Tel Ebyad and a Kurdish activist created report on events in Tel Ebyad and claims all Kurds were targeted, not only ‘PYD’.