Al Arabiya Interview With PYD Head / 

Kurdish Islamist Video From Iran? – WATCH VIDEO          

Video taken from a website of the Islamic Kurdish Front (Islamist group fighting against YPG in Syria). It seems to be a Kurd from Sine in Iran who is imprisoned. – [Based on what he says:] The guy’s name is Bahram Ahmadi and he is from Sine. The video is not about Syria. He has been convicted to death by a court in Iran and this is his “last words” video (apparently from a prison in Iran).

9,000 Kurds Crossed Iraqi Border

Yekiti media reports that at least 9,000 Kurds crossed the Iraqi-Syrian border after the opening of the border crossing by the KDP. UNCHR report on this issue.

Yezidi Killed in Al Qaida Attack

Yekiti media (warning 18+ picture) reports one member of the religious minority Yezid’s was killed by Al Qaida near Ras al-Ain on 17 August. Earlier report on this issue from yesterday here. –


Progressive Party Member Killed in Aleppo

Ali Mahmoud Hammoud (Democratic Progressive Party – close to Talabani) was killed by Jabhat al-Nusra in the Kurdish villages of Northern Aleppo on 15 August 2013 after he ‘defended his village’ during the ISIS/JN operations against YPG/Jabhat al-Akrad positions in Aleppo’s countryside reports Welati. – Posted

Al Nusra shoots Turkish patrol

Saturday, 17 August 2013  hawarnews – SERÊKANIYÊ– Mortars fired by armed groups of Al Nusra shoot a Turkish security station near the border to Serêkaniyê. According the information that ANHA gets, at 4 p.m. armed groups of Islamic State of Iraq and Al Nusra which set down in Til Xelef shoot a security station of Turkey.