Dr. Yaron Friedman, Ynet’s / Why are Saudis pushing for peace with Israel?

3.8.2014 – Analysis: Saudi Arabia is interested in ending ‘small conflict’ between Israel and Palestinians in order to have Jewish state on its side in ‘big conflict’ against Shiite world and the growing Sunni terror threat. The Arab world is watching the images arriving from Gaza with shock. The death toll on the Palestinian side has crossed 1,400 and more than 8,000 people have been wounded. Yet the al-Arabiya network has chosen to publish a surprising article titled, “Peace with Israel is the solution,” by Saudi columnist Mohammed al-Sheikh.  

The writer’s family is extremely influential in Saudi Arabia, and its roots go back to the Wahabbi family which founded the kingdom. The members of the family, which originated in the Najd desert and in the capital of Riyadh, include respectable religious clerics, imams, muftis, education and justice ministers.  

Why was the article published in Saudi Arabia and why now?   –,7340,L-3084,00.html