TODAY’S MESOP CALL : Last orders, gentlemen, please ! – 72 hours set for Iraq to choose New Prime Minister

03.07.2014-  BasNews, Erbil – A source has told BasNews that 72 hours have been set to choose Iraqi President, PM and Parliament Speaker.

About the presidency post of Iraq, the source noted that the Director of al-Mada daily newspaper in Iraq Fakhri Karim attempts to get support to run for presidency post and has told Kurdistan Patriotic Union (PUK) leadership that if the PUK support him, KDP does not mind for his running for presidency post.

Fakhri Karim, Kurdish director of the daily newspaper al-Mada, is attempting to gain support to run for the Iraqi presidency. He already has support from the Kurdistan Patriotic Union (PUK) leadership, and is now working on acquiring support from the KDP.

The source also mentioned that the PUK has not made the final decision yet on who they support to become the next Iraqi president. Najmadin Karim, PUK Political Bureau member and governor of Kirkuk, along with Former Iraqi Minister of Natural Resources Latif Rashid, are hoping for Kurds to have Parliament Speaker post rather than presidency.

The source noted that some Kurdish politicians do not want Barham Salih, the Deputy Secretary General of PUK who has the support of the US, to run for president of Iraq.Former MP and Spokesman of the Kurdish Alliance List in Baghdad Muaed Tayib told BasNews that it has yet to be decided what posts Kurds will hold in Baghdad’s reformed government. Once the posts for Kurds are decided, Kurdish political parties can then decide among themselves who will take the posts, said Tayib. On Thursday morning, US Secretary of State John Kerry called Kurdistan Regional President Massoud Barzani and Iraqi Parliament Speaker Osama al-Nujaifi urging them to form the new Iraqi government as soon as possible.