6.7.2013 –  The court of Denmark has revoked the licenses of Roj TV, MMC, and Nuçe TV. We strongly condemn this decree and regard it as an offense against the human rights and an accessory to the cultural genocide being conducted against the Kurdish People.

At the same time it is in contrary to the principles of  freedom of expression and press freedom adopted by Europe and Denmark. This decree has taken its place in history as a black stain on the Danish justice and law system. Issuing this decree, it has trampled its own principles.

     The majority of the public opinion regards this decree as politically-motivated. In our opinion, it is the result of a dirty collaboration. Definitely, there is a dirty bargaining behind this decree.

      These Kurdish channels are neither related to any terrorist organization, nor have they broadcasted anything harmful to peoples and communities. It is well-known that they are the broadcasting institutions funded by aids the destitute Kurdish people have scrimped and saved. They are institutions living on these donations in order to maintain the national entity and culture of the Kurds in Europe. Putting forward any claim other than these facts, would be a lie far more greater than the one the Turkish state made with regard to the protests in Amed – ‘Lice’ against the construction of military posts ; that lie was,  “they were planting narcotics”.  We are accustomed to all kinds of covers made up by the colonialist and culturally genocidal Turkish state in order to veil its crimes. But, issuing such a decree by a Scandinavian country can only be explained by an underlying dirty collaboration.

The Kurds are a people under assimilation and cultural genocide offenses. These offenses are most carried out by publishing-broadcasting means, including television broadcastings. In Turkey and Kurdistan, the Kurds are ground by the mill of cultural genocide with hundreds or even thousands of TVs, Radios, newspapers and other publishing-broadcasting agencies. Quite the contrary, there is no freedom of thought and freedom of expressing. But those broadcastings are allowed which work in line with and within the borders of the culturally genocidal policies of the state. Notwithstanding the recent policies in Turkey, issuing such revoking decree by the Danish law is a sign of collaborating with the culturally genocidal politics to the Turkish State.

     Revoking the license of TV channels that reflect the culture and social life a people under assimilation and cultural genocide offenses and ensure their access to the right information has no explanations but aiding the cultural assimilations of the Kurds! Closing a TV channel that first broadcasted the news of Roboski Massacre and prevented the cover-up of the massacre has no explanation but  blocking free access to the news! If it had not been Roj TV, the Roboski Massacre would have been distorted and covered up. 

    The Kurdish press neither commits hatred, nor it adopts an exclusionary policy. It is the freest and the most empahetic press agency. The closed channels are one of those Kurdish channels that have given the most seat to  the Armenians, ‘Êzîdî’s, ‘Alevi’s, many other people and have introduced them to the world. They are the channel preferring peace and democratic solution. They are the channels which have the most principled line of broadcasting with regard to freedom and democracy. Notwithstanding these facts, closing these channels serves neither democracy, nor freedom. It only gives heart to circles adversary to freedom and democracy.

     This revoking decree is at the same time an attempt to impede the democratization campaign initiated by Leader Apo. Europe which included the PKK in the ‘terror list’ at a time when this movement was withdrawing its armed forces, has now closed Kurdish TV channels while the PKK has started a campaign of democratization and peace. It is too absurd and senseless that those who claim they support the process initiated by the Kurdish People’s Leader issue such a decree. We call on all the European governments, especially the Danish government, and human rights organisations to voice their opposition to this decree and show their solidarity with the Kurdish People in this issue.

The power conflict in Egypt has brought about new sufferings for the peoples. Because of lack of democratization in the post-revolution Egypt, the army mounted a coup as it got the opportunity. In every country where democracy is not being developed, there would always be a room for such coups. The coups are only impeded with deep-rooted democracies. The Egyptian administration failed to develop democratization, that would have guaranteed their presence in power, and as they tried to obtain the hegemony by stealing the revolution, they themselves preserved the background for a coup. The Egyptian revolution fell victim to power ambitions. We condemn this coup which is has aiming at  strangling the people’s revolution. The Egyptian people who wanted to take back their stolen revolution in the Tahrir square, encountered a new revolution robber, even a new revolution murderer. One robbed it, while the other murdered it.   People everywhere should protect their revolutions and give no opportunity neither to the robbers nor the murderers of the revolutions.