THEO VAN GOGH NEWS ISRAEL TODAY: ‘Married, but Has Grindr’: How Israeli Police Spied on Activists With NSO’s Pegasus

Specialist police unit has been using NSO’s software to collect intelligence on Israelis, such as a social activist believed to be organizing a protest, says new report

Omer BenjakobHAARETZ – Jan. 20, 2022-

New details have emerged of how the Israeli police have been using the NSO Group’s Pegasus spyware against innocent Israeli citizens without any court approval and even though the surveillance software is not meant to work on Israeli phone numbers.

The Israeli business daily Calcalist reported Thursday on how the police are using the spyware to create dossiers on Israelis even though they are not facing criminal charges. Two officers in the signal intelligence unit reportedly use Pegasus in tandem: one listens to the target in real time while the other combs over files harvested from their phone.

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