THEO VAN GOGH BREAKING: Putin Reportedly Arrests Intelligence Officers Who Provided Faulty Information On Ukraine Before Invasion

Tsarizm StaffMarch 11, 2022 -Russian President Vladimir Putin has put under house arrest intelligence officers responsible for intelligence failures during the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

According to sources currently within Russia, Putin was ‘told what he wanted to hear’ on the response of the Ukrainian people to Moscow’s recent advance towards Kyiv, essentially that the operation would go smoothly and Russian troops would even be welcomed.

After two weeks of war, Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a crackdown on his beloved agency, the FSB. According to journalists Andrei Soldatov and Irina Borogan, the so-called 5th service of the FSB came under attack. Its leadership, according to the sources of Soldatov and Borogan, was placed under house arrest. There is no official confirmation of this information, writes Russian opposition media outlet Meduza (currently located in the Baltics).

The FSB acquired the right to conduct operations abroad in the late 1990s, when Vladimir Putin was the director of this special service. At the same time, a new department was formed within the FSB, which was instructed to conduct intelligence operations on the territory of the former USSR. (We have been following the activities of this FSB unit for a long time and write about it.)

When the “color revolutions” led to the fact that many pro-Kremlin leaders in the post-Soviet space lost power, the administration was given the task of doing everything to keep these countries in Russia’s sphere of influence.

Now our sources report that General Beseda and his deputy have been placed under house arrest. Among the reasons are the misuse of funds allocated for operations, as well as poor intelligence information. And indeed: the intelligence of Putin’s career intelligence officer, as it turned out, was put out of hand very badly.