The Paris women murdered by Kurdish hands ? – French authorities ‘know who killed three Kurdish women activists’

Kurdistan Tribune – 20.1.2013 – The Turkish foreign minister Ahmet Davutoğlu has asked the French government to speed up its investigation into the brutal assassination of three female PKK activists in the centre of Paris on 9 January.

The BBC reported last night that the French authorities are holding two suspects, one of whom was a driver for PKK co-founder and murder victim Sakine Cansiz. The French have so far made no statement about this. However, PKK sources close to KT have informed us that the French authorities had placed the Kurdish information centre, where the murders took place, under continual surveillance and must therefore know the identities of the killers.

Two years ago the PKK office in Belgium got a warning from the police who had arrested a man suspected of travelling from Turkey with the intention of killing PKK leaders. The Belgian authorities told the PKK that they thought there were two assassination teams in place in Europe. The Belgians also warned the French intelligence service which then arranged the installation of CCTV surveillance around the information centre where the women were killed ten days ago.