America is misusing the PYD, new violence in Sinjar possible: ENKS leader
The head of Syrian Kurdish National Council (ENKS), Ibrahim Biro, told Kurdpress in an exclusive interview that the U.S. has told the council that it misuses the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union party (PYD) and the PYD has deliberately let thousands of Kurdish youth in Manbij to be killed.

Kurdpress correspondent to Kurdistan Region made an exclusive interview with Ibrahim Biro, head of the Syrian Kurdish National Council (ENKS). What follows is the interview conducted to the official:

Kurdpress: Mr. Biro, First of all we thank you for dedicating your time to Kurdpress News Agency. I wanted to have your idea about remarks by PYD officials who believe that your relation with Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iraq (KDP) and Turkey is not within Kurdish interests?

Thanks you. The ENKS has been made of parties that have a long history of fighting against the Syrian government and the leaders of the parties have been in prison for years during Baath regime. Our policy towards Syrian Kurdistan is quite clear and our question from the PYD and PKK is that what do they want for Kurds in Syrian Kurdistan, Turkey and Iraq? They are merely hostile to Kurdish interests under the philosophy of democratic nations. We are in contact with all Kurdish parties, especially the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and Mr. Massoud Barzani who we accept him as a national leader. Our relationship with Turkey is only a subject which has turned into an anti-advertising tool for PYD and the PKK. We are a part of the opposition in Syria. The Syrian opposition is now based in Istanbul and our representatives are operating there within the opposition.

Kurdpress: A clash erupted between forces affiliated with the PKK and Roj Peshmerga (Rojava Peshmerga) forces in Shingal (northern Iraq). What is your analysis about the fighting?

Roj Peshmerga forces who had participated in clashes against the Islamic State (IS) would have been settled in controlled regions. This time, too, the forces Roj Peshmerga planned to be settled in liberated areas but they were besieged by the PYD and PKK forces; because it is a strategic road and Iran, the PKK and PYD used the path to transfer their forces to Syria, that’s why the forces of the PKK and the PKK attacked our forces. The situation is now calm and the clashes have been stalled after negotiations with Kurdistan Region.

Kurdpress: Will there be clashes in the future?

There is the probability of a conflict every minute. As the ENKS, we have been under pressure and faced killings and arrests and all kinds violations but, despite all these (violations), we have avoided war and bloodshed. But the PYD has never stopped killing and arresting and putting pressure and has attested and killed dozens of our leaders and staff. However, until now, we have demanded to arrive into a political agreement to transfer our forces. But otherwise there is the possibility of every incident, even war and conflict.

Kurdpress: What kind of a political plan does the ENKS have for the future of Syrian Kurdistan?

As the ENKS we have participated in all international forums on behalf of the Kurds in Syria and take part in talks and negotiations. We have plans for all Syria and demand a federal system for Syrian Kurdistan. There are problems in this regard, neither the Syrian government nor the opposition shows any significant tendency to a federal system. But the Syrian opposition has agreed with recognizing Kurdish nation rights in future constitution of Syria due to our efforts.

Kurdpress: The PYD applies practically its self-management system with its anarchist ideas. What system do you believe in, liberalism, socialism, anarchism or Marxism, what thought do you follow?

Undoubtedly, we are liberal Democrats and do not believe in the outdated thoughts which the PYD uses to trample the rights of the Kurdish nation. We look realistically to the future and call for national characteristics for Syrian Kurdistan.

Kurdpress: As we see the population of Kurds in Syrian Kurdistan has declined against the Arabs. Do not you think that this is a threat to the future of Syrian Kurdistan?

A part of our people migrated from the region due to economic problems and war. But the biggest crisis was that most people fled due to PYD pressures and policies. In the past 6 years, the PYD, in cooperation with the Syrian government, did what the government had failed to do in 60 years and had failed in discharging Syrian Kurdistan. The PYD served the Syrian government greatly.

Kurdpress: The PYD says the Syrian Kurdish National Council does not participate in n fight against the Islamic State. Why you do not fight?

We have been conducting political activities in the past 60 years and at the beginning of Syria conflict we, as the Syrian Kurdish National Council, decided to form a military force. But the PKK and the Syrian government came into action to never allow Kurds to take arms. Thus all our friends from all over Syria, lefts the ranks of the army and came into Iraqi Kurdistan and formed a military force. Now more than 5000 forces of our Peshmerga are fighting in war fronts against the IS and all know that our Peshmerga have lost a lot of forces in war against the IS and are still fighting in war fronts. The number of Peshmerga forces is increasing each day and they will be 10 to 12 thousands fighters in a near future and will return to Kurdistan of Syria. Unlike PYD claims, they were the people who defend themselves but the PYD would not allow people to defend.

Kurdpress: The PYD is being practically supported by the U.S., Syria and Russia in Syrian Kurdistan. Do you hope that you can send your troops there in the future?

Our political relations are much stronger than those of the PYD. We have a wide political tie with America, Europe and Russia. The PYD can never adopt the policies that we have taken. Americans have repeatedly told us that they are using them (the PYD) for their own interests. We will never accept our young people to be killed without any agreement or gain. For example, the PYD led some one thousand of Kurdish youth to be killed in Manbij, while it had been agreed with Turkish and international forces that there would be no Kurdish forces in Manbij. However, PYD did the service freely and sacrificed thousands of Kurdish youth. The PYD increases animosity among Kurds and other ethnics day by day. The PYD states now that it will also fight in Idlib, Deir ez-Zor and other areas. America has clearly stated that it is using the (PYD) forces for its own interests.

Kurdpress: Is not the war in non-Kurdish areas strategic for Kurds?

The fate of the Kurds is not known. The post-IS U.S. policy and plans in Syria is unknown and right now, not only the PYD but also any other force which fights against the IS, will be supported by Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the U.S. and other powers. But it is impossible for the U.S. to accept a force in Syria that has a good relation with Iran. The U.S. knows well that the PKK and the PYD are Iran friends and, in spite of the fact, it uses them in war against the IS.

Kurdpress: As head Syrian Kurdish National Council, what plan do you have for the future unity of Syrian Kurds?

Despite all the disappointments and murders carried out by the PYD, we welcome any agreement to avoid civil war and unite Kurds. But, right now, there is no hope of such an agreement; because there were three agreements between us and the PYD did not adhere to them and destroyed them. Because, on one side, it is affiliated with Syrian government and, on the other side, the PYD ideology is that of the PKK which never tolerates unity among Kurds.

Interview: Afshin Gholami

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