THE DOWNFALL OF A FAMILY: Iraqi president’s son Bafel Talabani could face prison in the UK for corruption

By Amanj Ahmed – – 10.10.2013 – LONDON,— A document has come to light showing how Bafel Ahmed Talabani [Son of the Iraqi President, Jalal Talabani] was facing a claim against him in the UK or breach of contract and breach of duty and conspiracy. The Claimant; Monde, a company registered in British islands, is a consultancy. Their claim against Bafel is for $3m USD including interest, damages cost etc…

Bafel Talabani’s involvement in the electricity contact which was never built in Sulaimaniyah was through a company registered in Cyprus called Doom [Bafel Talabani named as the owner]. The other Kurdish person working for Befel is Hewa Karamani and reported in the case as a Befel’s associate. Needless to say while Bafel Talabani appears to have taken millions of dollars Kamarani was only paid 4000 GBP, to stay quiet. When the contact for the power generation plant was entered into, the local media accused Omer Fatah the then PM in PUK area but this document shows that Bafel Talabani was the main driver behind the contract and made the most money out of it.  The initial amount of money received was 10% of the contract as a deposit and was $18.75m USD and the document shows how the account was set up in the name of Leelanes and Bafel and the claimant claims in the case documents that Bafel was authorized by Kurdistan Regional Government KRG to represent them. Bafel never held any official posts in the KRG and he has only been Talabani’s son.

On P14 to 16 of the main document, there is a list of all the payments which has been made to all the parties involved. The Claimants claims Bafel has received $5.2m through Doom from 2006 to 2010. All the details can be found in the court document. The claimant accuse Bafel of taking the money and resulting in the cancelation of the contact, leading to the loss of $2m USD.

In March 2010, the document shows Bafel has emailed Alexander and told them that the KRG is “desperate” for the money and “some People” were considering legal action against Leelanes. He also said that he will “no longer be able to make excuses” in the email. All details in p19 p20. Once again this shows Bafel was highly involved in the discussion without been in government or have any connection with electricity in Kurdistan.


Apparently in May 2008 Ahmed Sarchil Qazaz who is reportedly in US custody for other related crimes has asked for $4m USD to be transferred to Bafel, and he requested the money to be sent to a bank account in Dubai in the name of “Financial Links”. The list goes on and the most telling sign of playboy prince can be seen in Oct 2009 where the document shows that Bafel has requested a transfer of £155000 GBP [from deposit Money] to Houston Motors in Guilford. This in itself shows how Bafel treated public funds in the KRG and used his mum and dad as a shield to buy sports cars. Meanwhile in 2006, people in Kurdistan did not have electricity or running water and they entrusted this man’s family to build it for them.

 In Total $8.433.539.35 worth of payments has been paid out of the deposit account and the claimant states that this amount was not returned to the KRG.

According to the claimant on 30th November 2009 the KRG has agreed terminate the contract and received only the remaining $9.375m in order to release all the parties from their obligation under the contract.The claimant accuses other defendant including Bafel of fraud under section 4 of the fraud Act which would lead to custodial sentence if found guilty.

There is a clear case against Bafel and he is guilty as charged. The UK authorities should take action as he is her majesties citizen and such criminal behaviour should not be tolerated.  The contract in itself is a clear testament of the corruption running through the system and shows Talabani’s family have been using their position to enrich themselves. It is clear from this court document that Bafel never intended to build a power plant but to siphon of public funds and drive his sports cars as well as fund his playboy lifestyle.