The BDP Delegation to South Africa for the SI Congress

The 24th Congress of Socialist International (SI) is taking place in South Africa. The BDP is represented by Co-Chair Ms. Gültan Kışanak, Vice Co-Chair Mr. Nazmi Gür and Representative in Europe Mr. Eyyup Doru. BDP was an observer party to SI, it has obtained a consultative party status in the 24th Congress.

On 30 August, Kurdish political parties who were in Cape town met and proceeded discussions in order to re-form the Kurdish Working Group which was formed in 1999 and were active for a couple of years within the Socialist International. After the meeting a draft resolution for the formation of the Kurdish Working Group was prepared and it will be introduced to the secretary general. “We take the key position of the Kurds in recent situation of Middle East into account, in this regard it is essential to re-activate the working group and the Kurds will act all together.” commented Mr. Doru.

On the other hand, The BDP delegation had several meetings with different representatives in South Africa. Desmond Tutu Nobel Peace Prize winner was one of the most important meetings of the BDP Delegation. Desmond Tutu expressed his solidarity message to the Kurdish People. The Delegation spoke in two panels hosted by The Kurdish Human Rights Action Group in Cape town.

The Delegation is returning after the SI Congress on 2 September.