TEV-DEM holds meetings in Qamişlo

Monday, 26 August 2013 14:58 hawarnews – QAMIŞLO– Movement of Democratic Society (TEV-DEM) held some meetings in Qamişlo to evaluate the latest developments and a temporary administration in Rojava (West of Kurdistan).

Many people attended the meetings in Hîmo village of Qamişlo. Member of TEV-DEM Dîcle Serêkaniyê delivered a speech and said that the gangs of al Nusra and Islamic State of Iraq force people to leave Rojava and wanted people to stay and defend Qamişlo.

Dîcle Serêkaniyê stated that temporary administration is what Rojava needs right now because if all parts join it, they will be able to represent themselves under the administration. Member of TEV-DEM Îsmaîl Dêrik talked in a meeting held in Hilêlî strict of Qamişlo and reminded the attacks of the gangs and wanted people who left Rojava to come back, save their cities and support resistance revolution.