Syrische Unterstützung für Rojava? / VON THOMAS VON DER OSTEN-SACKEN

Eine Meldung, die, sollte sie nicht der Wahrheit entsprechen, eines umgehenden Dementis des PYD bedürfte:

“A top Syrian diplomat says Damascus will continue to provide Kurdish fighters in Syrian Kurdistan with military and financial support. Syrian reconciliation minister Ali Haidar told Rudaw he conducted “constructive talks” with Kurdish officials on a recent visit to Syrian Kurdistan, or Rojava, where he met with local officials. “We have been providing all possible military assistance for the Kurdish forces in order to empower them against terror,” Haidar said. “We are still providing them with our support in order to defeat the terrorist organizations,” he added.

The Kurdish Democratic Unity Party (PYD) declared autonomy in the three regional cantons of Rojava last year. It has been locked in fierce fighting with the so-called Islamic State (ISIS), and categorically denies any collaboration with Damascus and regards the Syrian government as “oppressive.” Haidar said he assured his Kurdish hosts in Rojava of the Syrian government’s support for talks about a range of issues, including the political status of Rojava “within Syria.”