Syrian Coalition Calls for Targeted Airstrikes in Syria & a Comprehensive Approach to Defeating ISIS

Posted by Syrian Coalition Un 58pc on August 15, 2014 – The Syrian Coalition’s Special Representative to the UN, Dr. Najib Ghadbian, made the following statement which is embargoed until after today’s UN Security Council vote on ISIS:

“Today’s Security Council Resolution on ISIS is a useful step to tackling the threat that the extremist group poses to the region and the world.  But this is just one step.  A comprehensive international approach is needed to address the causes and consequences of the ISIS threat.  A long-term solution is only possible if the extremists are defeated in both Iraq and Syria, and if moderate and effective governance is an established alternative in areas where ISIS is removed.“That is why the Syrian Coalition calls for targeted airstrikes in Syria.  We are seeing their impact in Iraq.  But they will not succeed in defeating the threat if ISIS is allowed to grow, train and regroup in Syria. Strikes should be backed up by intensive train and equip programmes for the moderate Syrian opposition forces that have been effectively fighting ISIS for over a year.  Moderate forces need the means to hold ground, protect the civilian population, govern and provide services.  Moderates are the credible alternative to extremist rule. But to govern well, the international community must ensure that humanitarian assistance and support is provided to boost local services.  The Assad regime – whose brutality generated the most dangerous extremist threat since the conditions that led to 9/11 – must be removed for good.”