Syria’s state media SANA reported on Thursday evening that Syrian air defense confronted targets that had infiltrated Syrian air space from the direction of Lebanon, heading for Masyaf (مصياف).

As is usual with Syrian reports about air defense confronting air strikes, SANA claimed that they had downed a hostile missile and “destroyed it” in the skies over Masyaf in the countryside of Hama north of Damascus.

Syria says that the attack began just after 11pm. Other media and commentators picked up the Syrian report, particularly RT in Arabic and some Syria watchers. However there was limited information. Iran’s Press TV reported it also. An explosion was reportedly heard and an image showed air defenses firing at an alleged missile. A Syrian social media account named Qalaat Al Mudiq blamed Israel.

The area of Masyaf was a target of airstrikes in April 2019, and July 2018 and September 2017. There are also S-400 sites near Masyaf, given to Syria by Russia in the fall of 2018. The area also allegedly has a chemical weapons facility and military bases as well as Iranian-backed groups. Satellite images in April showed on area that was targeted.