Syria Kurdish parties trade blames : PYD cooperates with Assad Regime

Kurdpress – 25.5.2013 – The Syrian Kurdish al-party accused the rival Democratic Union Party (PYD) of cooperating with the Syria government and the PYD called the al-Party and Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani’s attempts provocative.

The disaster and mishaps Syrian government did not conduct against the Kurds in the last 50 years; were conducted against us by PYD forces. They are mistreating the people. The PYD is a newly entered party in Syria and is mistreating the people, al-Party leader Abdulhakim Bashar said, claiming that the PYD forces are not Kurdish rebellions but agents of Syria intelligence agency of Al-Mukhaberat. PYD military branch, People’s Defense Forces (YPG), however, released a statement where it called the formation of a possible Kurdish military by al-Party and Barzani provocative. The statement has further blamed Barzani for his biased support to al-Party and attempting to weaken PYD.