Syria (and Beyond) Live Coverage: Suicide Car Bomb Kills More than 50 Regime Troops

Tuesday, November 6, 2012 at 6:12 | Scott Lucas in EA Middle East and Turkey, – 1330 GMT: Syria. The Syrian National Council has released a budget document, revealing that the new Libyan government provided half of the $40.4m it has amassed since its founding last August. Alongside the $20.3m from Libya, Qatar provided $15m and the United Arab Emirates $5m. The Financial Times reports:

    The SNC’s publication of its budget appeared aimed at boosting its credibility by being transparent over its financing. According to the document, the SNC still has about $10.7m in the bank.

    The report breaks down expenditures by both category and geography. According to the six-page document, 11 per cent of the money collected has been spent on overheads, with the rest devoted to aiding Syrians inside the country or refugees in neighbouring states.     Roughly 7 per cent of the funds, or about $2.8m, has been allocated to the Free Syrian Army. About $290,000 has been spent on hotels for SNC representatives during travels abroad. The organisation spent about $160,000 on relief efforts for the two mostly ethnic Kurdish provinces of northwest Syria.