Support the motion to UK parliament on media freedom in Turkey

The following new Early Day Motion (EDM), entitled ‘Media Freedom in Turkey’, has been tabled in the UK Parliament :

Turkey’s media crackdown and the disproportionate targeting of Kurdish or pro-Kurdish media has been receiving more and more attention from international NGO’s and activists. In particular, the Committee for the Protection of Journalists (CPJ) recently published a damning report on Turkey’s press freedom crisis, and this week, representatives of English PEN met with President Abdullah Gul to also pressure him on this issue. Nonetheless, over 70 journalists remain locked in prison, and mass trials to prosecute them are on-going. We must encourage our MPs in parliament to pressure the government of Turkey to release all journalists imprisoned during the course of their work.

What can you do?

Contact your MP and urge them to sign the motion! Your local MP can be found here:  And you can write to them via this website:

If you have time, why not arrange to visit your MP at their constituency office and discuss it with them in person? This is often the most effective!

EDM’s are a very useful way of gathering support in Parliament. When an MP signs an EDM, they are registering their support for a specific issue. On rare occasions, when an EDM has enough signatories, it is also debated on the floor of the House of Commons. In this way, it is a mechanism to get an issue that is often overlooked discussed in Parliament.

For background information on this EDM and other Parliamentary lobbying, the BDP, the ongoing KCK trials and other news and politics from Turkey, visit: