Statement of the Political Bureau of the Iraqi Communist Party

Every Patriotic Effort Needed to Defeat Terrorism

The province of Nineveh, and several Iraqi provinces and cities, are experiencing very difficult and critical times, as murderous terrorists have managed to seize control of important and strategic positions, and continue to advance towards other safe cities. Hundreds of families have left their homes and sought refuge in other safer places, under deteriorating conditions and a critical humanitarian situation.

These are moments during which the homeland is exposed to serious dangers threatening its unity and social fabric, and the entire political process. This requires that everybody, including the political parties, the popular masses, the armed forces and the Peshmerga unify their ranks, face up to the challenges, rise above petty rivalries and take urgent action to support the military, security and intelligence efforts of our armed forces in order to perform their national duty to defeat the forces of terrorism, liberate our cities from their filth and crimes, and foil the schemes of external quarters that harbour evil designs for our beloved Iraq.

It is truly the battle of the homeland that is now being threatened. Political, material, logistic and military prerequisites must be provided to stop the expansion of this malignant cancer. Terrorism is targeting all, and it has no religion or denomination or nationality, and it wants to finish off the political process in our country and return it back to the days of tyranny and obscurantism.

Terrorism is the enemy of all. Our people, of various nationalities, religions and sects, and of all ideological and political affiliations, should be aware of the reality of the dangers and beware of falling into what Da’ish (the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant – Isis) and the regional and international powers standing behind it are planning, with the aim of destabilizing national unity and stirring up sectarian strife and narrow nationalist and chauvinist tendencies.

We in the Iraqi Communist Party, while condemning terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, renew our full support and unlimited backing for the military and security forces, and call upon all the political blocs and parties, whether in power or outside, to meet immediately and conduct an urgent national dialogue. This should consider ways of confronting effectively the forces of evil, aggression and crime, defeating the terrorists, and providing political, material and moral support for the armed forces in the ongoing battle, in addition to sound management of the overall security policy.

Attention must also be paid to the citizens, ensuring their safety and sparing them the consequences of military battles, and providing urgent humanitarian aid for hundreds of displaced families.

Let us all stand against terrorism and its barbaric forces, and let us work to defeat it speedily.

Baghdad – 10th June 2014