SPI Declaration about the use of Chemical Weapons in Syria / No for Repeating another Halabja and Goptapa poisons Gas attack in Syria.


Today is the 26 years anniversary of Chemical weapons Gaz in Goptapa village were 500 citizens were killed, a year later same weapon was used in Halabja and another 5000 people were killed , Previous Iraq Baath regime continued using this weapon in hundred areas of Iraqi Kurdistan and thousand location in the battle field with Iran.

We wished after this tragedy which happened to our people , no any other community experience same fear and danger but unluckily today our neighbors  in Syria  are under the same threats and international community are silent about that .

We in SPI organization represent of areas which we faced same situation in Iraq are urging the International Community to take Syria Chemical weapon case very seriously and protect the civilians in this country otherwise its not only responsibility of the crimes of Bashar Assad and his regime but its United Nations responsibility which no anyone will forgive in future when the massacre happened

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