SOUTH KURDISTAN : Women burns herself of polygamy

7.11.2012 – WFW-Darbandikhan: A (50) year old woman burned herself in Darbandikhan town as a reaction of her husband  marrying a second woman, because of the burns her life is in danger.Tuesday (5:20) pm (November 6th,2012) a woman named (E.A.A) set herself on fire, though she was immediately transferred to the hospital but her life is still in danger because of her burns.

In a statement for Warvin a close source from the woman’s family said, today her husband went shopping for his second wives wedding and (E.A.A) in her house at (Kani Sard) avenue of Darbandikhan has set herself on fire after pouring gasoline on herself. Added the source “The reason behind the burning is her husband marrying a second wife, although she refused to agree before on this issue, her husband still insisted on marrying a second wife”. Regarding this case director of general Darbandikhan hospital (Rzgar Wahid) told Warvin “After receiving this woman in our hospital and providing first aid, she was transferred to the burn hospital in Sulaimania”

He added ” The possibility of her survival is very low is 90% of her body has burned”.  It’s worth mentioning that in spite of amending the personal status law, the law has not been implemented properly, till now we hear polygamy cases in different areas of Kurdistan.

Prepared by: Soza Darbandikhani