SOUTH KURDISTAN (IRAQ) : Press release from “White” Organization (Spi)

Suleymaniah the 24th Janurary 2013 – MESOP – A network of activists from villages and towns that were bombed with chemical weapons by Saddam Husseins army in the 1980s.On 24th January 2013, we held our first meeting after our press conference in Halabja in order to elect a Chairman, an Executive Director and local coordinators. We also discussed our future plans and projects we intend to implement in this year.

Mr.Zimnako Mohamad Ahmad who is also known as Ali Halabjaee was elected as chairman of our board . Mr. Dlawar Haydar, who is a lawyer, was elected as general coordinator and the following members were elected as local coordinators for each region :

Hama Amen Lasa , Balesan / Zryan Abdulrahman / Garawanan

Hemn Abdullah , Honar Salar / Goptapa / Awat Qadir , / Jafayati –Sharbazher

– Omer Mohamad / Activist

During the last years time White Organization was working in coordination with WADI and supported by Green Cross Switzerland, and implemented a variety of projects. After reorganizing our network we hope to improve our activities and be able to deliver more services to the affected villages and their inhabitants.

Today we decided to open our main office in the rural areas and choose Goptapa as location for our main office, in this village 500 people died during the attacks with chemical weapons and the so called Anfal campaign. Again we congratulate Mr. Dlawar for his new mission and we are proud that Mr. Ali is became our Chairman, whose tragic history is highlighted in an article of Rudaw Magazine:

For more information about SPI : 07501128805 – 07708606905