SOUTH KURDISTAN (IRAQ) MESOP FLASH : US & Israel would recognize Kurdish state in northern Iraq: magazine

2 June 2015 – A U.S. magazine stated the country and Israel will support the Iraqi Kurds in declaring an independent state in northern Iraq. – National Review stressed in a report on arming the Kurdish forces of Peshmerga in fight against the militants of the Islamic State

(IS) and wrote the U.S. and Israel would definitely support an independent Kurdish state in northern Iraq if Kurds in the region declare independence. According to the magazine creating a Kurdish state in northern Iraq would ease sending arms to the Kurds by the U.S., adding that the Kurds have guaranteed Christians in Nainawa desert would have their own defense force and thereby Washington would no longer worry over the fate of the Christians.The report ultimately added the creation of the Kurdish state would bring federalism to Iraq and would end in stability in the region. The writer, Andrew Doran, has stated the U.S. would not take any steps for the independence of Kurds in northern Iraq but the Kurds themselves should start taking necessary actions.