SOUTH KURDISTAN : In the past 8 months 42 women were killed

03/10/2012 – Prepared by: Nergz Qadr & Zhala Aziz – WFW-Kirkuk: According to a statistic of violence against women by Kirkuk police, 42 women were killed in the past 8 months.

In a statement for Warvin head of Human rights, women and children of Kirkuk province (Jwan Hassan) said “According to Kirkuk police statistics between (January 1st and August 31st) (42) woman were killed in different ways and (110) other were injured in Kirkuk. She stressed on the increase of violence against women in the province and till now (338) violence cases are recorded. Honor killing in Kirkuk is increasing and women activists doubt the number and details of violence cases released by the city officials.

According to the statistics only in 2011 (76) women have lost thier lives in different ways and (159) were injured) while in 2010 (45) women were killed and (136) were injured. A woman activist had criticized the statistics released in the past saying, they are not accurate and true, she also blaims the city officials of hiding the truth from the public, according to the information was obtained, the highest number of burned citizens are women in that city.