Short Cuts Kurdistan / Kurdistan reaches towards the Sea (Click headlines for Full Texts)

Avoiding the Iraq Experience in Syria

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace – Reports that the United States and its Arab and Western allies are discussing ways to place high-ranking Syrian defector Brigadier General Manaf Tlass at the center of the political transition reflect a new sense of urgency that has gripped the international community….

Turkey Ramps up Kurdish Offensive

The Wall Street Journal – Turkey’s military escalated its offensive against Kurdish fighters seeking autonomy in the southeast, with warplanes and helicopters pummeling the mountainous region with bombs, forcing many villagers to flee their homes, witnesses and officials said…

Kurdistan reaches toward the sea

Haaretz – The last year’s upheavals in the Arab world have somehow blurred the sweeping developments taking place in a no-less important though less well-known strategic region that can be called the Kurdish triangle, comprising Iraqi, Turkish and Syrian Kurdistan….

Turkish Worries Over Syria Blamed on ‘Kurdish Phobia’

The New York Times – There are mounting concerns in Turkey that the conflict in neighboring Syria has opened a Pandora ’s Box from which an autonomous and potentially hostile Kurdish entity will emerge…