Seth J. Frantzman – The anti-war movement and white supremacy. 16 Apr 2018


What commonalities do voices who always oppose “western intervention” have with white supremacism? On the surface, none. They appear as members of the “left” and “progressive.”

But let’s look at the cast of characters who have all supported Assad by opposing any intervention against his crimes. Let’s look at how they operate. First of all they ostensibly against “bombing” of Syria. But what talking points do they use. It’s not purely an “anti-war” stance, they are only anti-one-kind-of-war and that is what they call “imperialism.” They say they are against “bombing” Syria, but they don’t object to Russia’s bombing or Assad’s bombing. They object only to western states doing “bombing.” This is because they are Westerncentric. They don’t want “us” bombing. They don’t want “our” hands dirty. “Hands off Syria” they say. And many of them are white. They don’t appear openly to support white supremacism. But they do support it in the fact they don’t believe Syrians have the same rights as people in say, Denmark, not to be obliterated and killed.

When you only oppose “war” if your western county engages in it that is posing as morally superior to other countries and peoples. It is a soft way of saying “we are superior” because only “they” engage in war and “we” don’t do war.

So it might be that there is a hidden or subconscious white supremacy that unites opposition to doing anything to stop Assad’s attacks.