SAHIN ÖNER : Forensics Report Enlightens Protestor’s Cause of Death

BIANET 14.2.2013 – The official forensics report of Şahin Öner – a Diyarbakir resident whose cause of death was initially declared as “bomb explosion in the hand” – confirmed human rights advocates’ allegations that he was run over by a police vehicle.The officials forensics report of Şahin Öner, a Diyarbakir resident who died in a protest on Sunday night, has confirmed human rights advocates worries that he might have been run over by a police vehicle.

“We have read the official forensics report for Şahin Öner. On the contrary to what Diyarbakir governor Mustafa Toprak initially declared on the night of the incident, Öner didn’t die while throwing a bomb at police. The report did not find any evidence of explosives,” Serdar Çelebi, a local human rights advocate told bianet. On Sunday night, dozens of demonstrators clashed with police in Diyarbakir province, protesting the anniversary of PKK’s leader’s capture in 1999. While Diyarbakir governor Mustafa Toprak initially declared that Şahin Öner was reportedly killed due to an explosive in his hand, many eyewitnesses told Firat News Agency that he was run over by an armed police vehicle on the night of the incident.

On the other hand, Dicle News Agency released photos of deceased Şahin Öner which showed no evidence of explosion wounds in neither of his hands.

“We have been trying to reach eyewitnesses, however our access is restricted because the case is held by anti-terror prosecutors,” Çelebi protested. “The forensics report showed that Öner’s death was not due to an explosion. It reveals that his body suffered inner bleeding and trauma. And no sign of explosives. And the cause death is declared unknown.” Gamze Yalçın, Öner family lawyer, told bianet that they filed an application to view documents regarding the prosecution.

This morning, Peace and Democracy Party co-chairperson Selahattin Demirtaş addressed a speech to his party group saying that the official forensics report confirmed allegations that “Öner was run over by a police vehicle. “After being run by the vehicle, he lied on the floor for 30 minutes without first aid. When the ambulance came, it was already too late,” Demirtaş said. “The Turkish state killed another person. Now it is trying to hide its crime. Interior Minister is directly responsible.” (AS/BM)