PYD forces Yazidis to become militants / HINDERUNG ALL OTHERS TO HELP REFUGEES


15.08.2014 –  BasNews, Sinjar Mountain – A number of Sinjar refugees who left their homes and fled to Syrian Kurdistan due to the threat of the Islamic State (IS) insurgents have been forced by the Democratic Union Party (PYD) to become militants and join the People’s Protection Units (YPG) military forces, a military wing of PYD.Eyewitnesses from Syrian Kurdistan told BasNews’ correspondent that PYD hinders all other Kurdish parties in Syrian Kurdistan, especially those who are members of Kurdish National Council, to help Sinjar refugees claiming that they do not having official license or permission from the three cantons of Syrian Kurdistan.

“Within the arrival of Yazidi Refugees from Sinjar Mountain to Syria, militants and organizers of PYD created a refugee camp for them named Newroz in Derik area. They try to attract them and show them sincerity to have an influence on them as well as attempting to hinder them in returning to the Kurdistan Region,” said an eyewitness to BasNews.

One of the Yazidi refugee youths who just returned from Syrian Kurdistan to thw Kurdistan Region through Zaxo, Duhok spoke to BasNews and stated that: “PYD and YPG militants and members welcomed us in Syrian Kurdistan and provided us with food and water. They were treating us in a way as is we were going to stay there for a long time, although we told them previously that we want to go back to the Kurdistan Region as soon as possible.”


“In the camp, we were so happy that we were helped, but no regular people or other party members were entering the camp, only PYD and YPG members. Later, we found out that they hinder other parties or people of Syrian Kurdistan to help Yazidi Refugees because they wanted all help to be provided only through PYD and YPG members,” said the refugee youth. “After few hours, PYD and YPG members told Yazidi refugees that they had to send back their children to the Kurdistan Region because once they return, they will be disrespected and insulted, claiming that Kurdish Peshmerga forces will disrespect them and question them for why they didn’t defend Sinjar and left the town. They told us that we have to know Peshmerga forces betrayed Yazidi people and they hate Yazidis as well. They made and spread so many rumors about Peshmerga and the Kurdistan Region,” added the Yazidi refugee youth.

“They [PYD and YPG] wanted to pressure Yazidi youths and convince them to take arms and join YPG forces under the claim of defending Sinjar. They also attempted to make a special force from Syrian Kurdistan youths and Sinjar youths under the name of Sinjar’s Protection Units (YPS) claiming that Sinjar people,” said the Yazidi refugee youth. Media close to PYD, YPG and Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) announced that YPS have been established under the leadership of Kawa Sinjari to protect and defend Sinjar town from IS militants.