PYD Continues to Crack Down on Rivals in Rojava: DCHRK


Basnews English – 26/03/2017 – 10:53 – ERBIL — The Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD), which rules Rojava, the Syrian Kurdish region, continues its human rights abuses against the Syrian Kurdish political parties considered by PYD as its rivals.

Germany-based Democracy Center for the Human Rights in Kurdistan (DCHRK) released a statement on Saturday which says that the armed men affiliated to PYD arrested Fuad Ibrahim, youth representative of the Syrian Kurdish National Council (ENKS) in Derik city, east of Hasakah province of Rojava late on Friday.

Ibrahim was abducted by the armed men of PYD, an offshoot of Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), while driving his car between Shukur Haji and Mamshor villages in the vicinity of Derik on Friday, according to DCHRK’s statement. The statement also reads that the PYD-affiliated security forces on Thursday arrested Ameen Omar, a local resident who is a Kurdish language teacher and a pharmacist in Derik.

PYD continues to crack down on ENKS officials and members of the political parties of Rojava. Khalid Ali, a member of ENKS leadership told BasNews on Saturday that PYD has stepped up the threats against the Rojava parties under the ENKS umbrella, explaining that the threats include withdrawing licenses from those parties, detaining their members as well as expelling them from the region. Ali said PKK is pressuring PYD to close down all ENKS headquarters in Rojava and take over the properties, adding that PYD is using force against the ENKS officials.