PYD Committee on Visit to Russia, Sahil Muslim to Give Address in the Duma


(ANF) 18-12-2013 – A PYD committee is on an official state visit to Moscow. The committee is  composed of Salih Muslim, the co-president of the PYD; Ebdulselam Ehmet the PYD European Representative; and Dr. Xaild  İsa, the PYD Representative in France. Muslim is expected to speak before the Russian parliament tomorrow, December 18th.

On Monday, December 16th the committee met with the Deputy Russian Foreign Minister Mihail Bogdanov. As part of the meeting the committee meant with Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk, chairman of the Moscow Patriarchate’s Department for External Church Relations. Among the subjects discussed were the condition of various minorities in Rojava and Syria more generally. The Metropolitan expressed his hope for a peaceful solution to the crisis and made it clear that he was following developments in Syria closely. He went on to announce the donation of a million dollars to help those suffering as a result of the conflict.

The PYD reconfirmed that it was working with all political organizations in Rojava in order to create a climate of respect and security for all ethnic and religious groups in the region. Furthermore Muslim explained the importance of the party’s model of Democratic Autonomy, and drew attention to how following the recent proclamation of Democratic Autonomous Administration the party was working hard to include different segments of society in the new government. At the end of the meeting Metropolitan Hilarion said the church would continue its relationship with the Kurds.

Muslim is expected to address the Russian Parliament tomorrow – December, 18th – on developments in Western Kurdistan and Syria. The committee will fly back to Geneva from Russia on December 19th. On December 21st the committee is scheduled to meet with Chinese officials as the request of the Chinese government.