PUK representative in Ankara against Kurdish oil Export to Turkey

12.01.2014 – Bestun Kakayi – BasNews (Ankara): Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK)’s representative in Turkey has criticized KRG oil and gas policies and says by exporting it to Turkey they are wasting Kurdish natural resources.

Bahroz Galali, the PUK representative in Ankara accuses Kurdish government of wasting Kurdistan’s natural resources by exporting its oil to neighboring Turkey.

Galali, who is one of the most experience politicians of Iraqi president Jalal Talabani’s party (PUK) which they share power in Kurdistan region with Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) which is seen as the main driver behind the Kurdish oil and gas policies.  

Galali also acknowledges that KRG share of Iraqi budget, which is % 17, is more than enough, even thought other Kurdish leaders has revealed its less than that number.  “Exporting Kurdish oil is a waste of Kurdistan natural resources and we don’t need to export oil’, Galali told a local Kurdish news website. “If we send the oil export revenue to Baghdad, why we need to sell our oil,’ Galali added.