Presidency of KCK Executive Council STATEMENT / “A MILESTONE”


As followed closely by the public that the leader APO has announced by his message in 2013 Newroz in Amed the beginning of a new process which is a historical turning point in the struggle for peace and freedom of the fraternity of the peoples in Kurdistan, Turkey and Middle East. This process initiated by leader Ocalan, which represents a new process of political struggle for our freedom movement, is also a milestone in the strategic and historic process of the peoples of Turkey and the Middle East.

This peace and democratic solution phase initiated by our leader is welcomed in Newroz by millions with great joy, hope and determination. Our movement has given an affirmative response to Ocalan’s historical manifesto like call and we shared with public of our plans of commitment. In order for the process to evolve to a truly honorable and democratic solution, our movement has declared a ceasefire starting from March 23. On the basis of this decision our forces will not fire unless there is annihilation operations conducted on our forces. Although we, as the movement and people gave a positive response to our leader’s call and took concrete practical steps, AKP government not yet taking any concrete steps and its language and style not corresponding to the nature of the peace process which causes varies concerns and controversy by public. 

We believe that Prime Minister Erdogan’s statement aired in a television program that our forces will lay down their arms and withdraw from the border, carefully observed by all parties concerned. First of all, the language and the way Erdogan speaks, creates a wrong and negative perception, as if everything could develop under only his own initiative, as one-sided. However, the process is not one-sided, and could only develop as a result of disposal of mutual steps of our leader’s consultations and negotiations with the state. Erdogan’s way of withdrawal that the way he wishes it to be done, is not in our movement’s agenda. It may only be possible for our forces to withdraw when the necessary steps are taken by the State on the basis of legal arrangements. Some concrete practical steps to convince our guerrilla forces are required in order for the process to develop into a lasting and healthy one.

In addition, Erdogan, without mentioning the name of Kurdish problem and the constant use of concepts of “terrorism” and “terrorist” is creating doubt and question marks about the sincerity and seriousness of the government about the process. This kind of use of language is a reflection of the dominant colonial mentality and it clearly will not to serve the process of peace and the solution, and this kind of approaches must be abandoned.

The legislation of the state of Turkey allows that all prisoners to have television, air conditioning and so forth. Enjoyment of these rights after a delay of fourteen years for our leader was explained by Erdogan as if this right was given to him in exchange for something or as a blessing, we must indicate that this does not corresponds to the spirit of the process, nor accommodates to the political morality. In a way that a prime minister interpreting and reacting to certain basic natural rights such as television viewing creates a mentality open to abuse and causes negative perception that does not coincide for the position of a prime minister nor the spirit of this sensitive and critical process. Above all, the process that we all entered into is an important process that will determine the future of our peoples. The solution of issues of historic importance such as the Kurdish issue and Turkey’s democratization requires an attitude of responsibility and accordingly a historical approach is important for the development of the process in a positive way.

 The colonial state of the Republic of Turkey, before the eyes of the world clearly committed a crime against humanity in Roboski and brutally murdered 34 Kurds. The Commission on Human Rights, whose task was to uncover the perpetrators of the massacre, was not done. The commission’s statement, instead of identifying the perpetrators, described the massacre ‘without intention’ serves laundering the AKP state and refers to a second massacre. The commission’s report was accepted by the AKP votes in the parliament, reveals that this lawlessness and the fact that the massacre was carried out directly by the AKP government. In this respect, without finding the perpetrators of the massacre of Roboski it is not possible for the state to save itself from the historic responsibility. It is clear that the Kurdish people, democratic, patriotic and intellectual circles will continue to ask for an account of this massacre. 41 years ago, the colonialist fascist Turkish state, killed the leaders of Turkey’s revolution-  Mahir Cayan and his friends in Kizildere. Mahir Cayan and his friends being the real peoples leader and patriots of Turkey whom struggled without any hesitation to death with great resistance for the fraternity and freedom of the Turkish and Kurdish people, give life to us today more than ever.

The struggle and belief of freedom of Mahir Cayans, a historical turning point in Turkey’s revolution has also shed light on the creation of our movement.  Mahir Cayans’ struggles today are becoming more concrete in Kurdistan Freedom Struggle. Leader Apo, at every opportunity states that on the basis of commitment to their memories that he developed and continued the Kurdistan Freedom Struggle.

Their resistance and becoming a real folk hero today continues to light the path of the revolutionary patriotic struggle. So far, as well as from now onwards, we state that we’d be bound to in particular to Mahir Cayans and all the revolutionary resistance spirit and all the revolutionary martyrs and that on the basis of peoples fraternity and free future, the struggle that they initiated will be victorious.