PKK will halt withdrawal if Turkish government doesn’t act soon: Cemil Bayık

 27 Aug 2013 – Kurdistan Tribune –  PKK leader Cemil Bayık has told the BBC Turkish service that the PKK will suspend its withdrawal of guerrilla forces across the Turkish border unless the AKP government begins by Sunday to take the steps that were promised as part of the second phase of the peace process.

“We will continue to make an endeavour till September 1, as is currently being done by Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan and the Kurdish movement”, said Bayık. “However, there will be nothing left to do on our side but to suspend the withdrawal process unless the government takes steps till September 1. Should the AKP maintain its present attitude towards the process, the guerrillas who have withdrawn from Turkish borders will in the same way turn back to northern Kurdistan. This is why the government should avoid playing games”.

He accused the government of preparing for more war while using the talks to gain advantage in the elections scheduled for next year. Bayık also acknowledged that the PKK has recently stepped up its recruitment amongst Kurdish youth and blamed Turkish government inaction over the peace process for this.  “These people are joining the guerrilla because they see the (Turkish) war preparations going on and want to secure themselves”, said Bayık.