PKK “We give full support to the forthcoming meeting in Irbil”


13-12-2013 – The heart of the Kurds in the four parts of Kurdistan beats in Rojava. Our people are getting an inspiring thrill out of Rojava revolution.

The heroic resistance of Rojava people resulting in the freedom and the ensuing self-rule system is strengthening the Kurdish people’s struggle for the establishment of a free and democratic life. However, our people in the four parts of Kurdistan were deeply concerned about the disunity and the incompatibility leading to the weakening of the revolution. The disunity and disarray in Rojava was not only weakening the Rojava revolution, but also creating problems in the route to national unity. This situation was giving heart to the political circles opposing the freedom of the Kurdish People.

Our movement has continuously behaved with responsibility to work out solutions for this undesirable situation. Efforts have been made to bring together both the political forces of Rojava and also other Kurdish forces which have influence on the Rojava forces. As a result of the contacts and meetings between PKK and KDP, the holding a meeting between both of the Rojava assemblies and the revival of Kurdish High Council was ensured. This is a very important step. Evaluating the great revolution of Rojava and appreciating the consequent historical opportunities is the responsibility of all patriotic Kurdish forces. Therefore, the convening of all patriotic and democratic forces of Rojava and determining common policies and attitudes, as a requirement of PKK-KDP consensus, will lead to very significant results for Rojava revolution.

No deficiencies and inadequacies can justify disarrays and incompatible stances on Rojava. So all the political forces are expected to convene, discuss, and, thereby, revive the Kurdish High Council, as they had promised the Kurdish people. All forces should adopt a realistic and modest approach.

The upcoming Irbil meeting is the result of a historical responsibility and a strong willpower. Despite the disarrays, deficiencies, and troubles with regard to Rojava revolution, we have always observed the interests of Rojava and all the Kurdish people and insisted on the right approach and the right attitudes. Therefore, the most reasonable attitude for the Rojava political parties is to appreciate the significance of the forthcoming meeting -which would be held within the framework of a high-level consensus between PKK and KDP – strengthen the Rojava revolution and show to the world their determination for unity. The 2012 Irbil meeting had already been held within this framework of such a consensus.

As KCK, we have fulfilled all our responsibilities for holding the 2012 Irbil meeting and the formation of the Kurdish High Council as we made all endeavors to bring about constructive developments. We hold our stance on the righteousness of Kurdish High Council and the need for reviving it. Therefore, we are ready to shoulder any mantle within the framework of our consensus for the re-gathering in Irbil and restoring the Kurdish High Council. The South Kurdistan government’s hosting of the re-gathering of Rojava political forces as well as holding the responsibility of the first meeting and its results, will ensure the success of the forthcoming meetings. We are quite sure that by evaluating the first Irbil meeting, along with its positive and negative results, the second meeting will serve the establishment of a national democratic unity.

We give full support to the meeting expected to be held In Irbil. The meeting hosted by Mr. Masut Barzani will create very important results for the Rojava revolution. The revolution will gain more strength. The Kurdish High Council’s common approach to the regime and the opposition forces, its common attitude towards Geneva 2, and its support for the interim rule would play an important role in the settlement of the Kurdish question and the democratization of Syria.

We call on all Kurdish political forces, particularly on the political forces in Rojava, to act responsibly in this historical period and live up to the expectations of the Kurdish people. On this basis, we wish success for the Irbil meeting and reiterate our support for the Rojava revolution.


12 December 2013