Peshmerga Forces Prepare for Major Offensive Against ISIL

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – old.rudaw. –  Ali Awni, an official from Kurdistan Democratic Party reveals to Rudaw that despite claims to the contrary, not all of Sinjar is under the effective control of the Islamic State, formerly known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). He said, \”Peshmerga forces are stationed in one part of Sinjar, and are waiting for reinforcements to arrive\”.

He also added,\”A heavy force from Peshmerga under the leadership of Mansoor Barzani has arrived in the area, and in the next few hours will conduct a major offensive operation against ISIL to get rid of them in the area\”. Anwar Haji Osman from the Ministry of Peshmerga briefly commented saying, \”Peshmerga are planning an operating, and will have a big victory in the area soon. ISIL will have no choice but to leave this country, and they know this very well\”.

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