PDKI received a delegation from our friends who split from the party

Posted by PDKI on November 15, 2012 – In an effort towards unity, dialogue and cooperation a second round of negotiations was held between the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (PDKI) and our friends who split from our party six years ago.Yesterday a delegation from our friends who split from the PDKI, headed by Mustafa Molodi, and a delegation from the PDKI headed by Hamanazif Qaderi met in the PDKI’s headquarters to continue negotiations to work towards uniting the party through dialogue and cooperation.

“A positive outcome from these meetings is the message to people that Kurds, despite their differences in opinion on political and organisational issues, can through dialogue and negotiation preserve policies that is in the interest of the people of Kurdistan”, said Hamanazif Qaderi in a statement.

“This meeting was a continuation of the first meeting, and in this meeting we discussed among other things the decisions of our party’s 15th Congress [in regard to the effort to unite the party], we also discussed a statement [issued by the PDKI] in regard to continue the dialogue and efforts towards uniting the Democratic Party”, Qaderi added.On the issue of the difficulties in the meeting Qaderi said, “ all dialogues and negotiations have specific aims, and without a doubt there are issues where we have different points [that we want to raise] and both sides interprets the issues differently”.“What is important for us as the Democratic Party is that we continue with the dialogue and that we take steps towards removing the obstacles with the aim of a genuine solution that is in the interest of the national and democratic movement of the Kurdish people and the Democratic Party”, Qaderi added.Regarding the PDKI’s position on the negotiations Qaderi underlined that “the dialogue and meetings are in accordance with the decision of our Politburo and within the framework of our Congress’s decision”.

Furthermore Qaderi said, “Mustafa Hijri, the Secretary General of our party, is very invested in the process of the meetings and he hosted the delegation of our friends in a [lunch] reception in which he expressed his hopes that the meetings reach a solution and they lead to the removal of obstacles [towards uniting the party].”

Qaderi stressed in the meeting that the leadership of the PDKI, which was elected in the 15th Congress, is bound by the decision of the congress to continue the dialogue with unity as its aim.