PDKI Deeply Sceptical of Iran Nuclear Deal

by PDKI | on November 27, 2013 “We are deeply skeptical of this nuclear deal with the Islamic Republic of Iran”, Loghman H. Ahmedi, the PDKI’s Head of Foreign Relations said in a statement regarding the recent deal between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the P5+1.

“Due to our experience with the theocratic regime in Tehran, we have doubts that Iran will honour its obligations under the deal, which in itself does not stipulate a clear mechanism on how to prevent Iran from attaining nuclear weapons,” Ahmedi said.

“However, despite our skepticism, we will evaluate the deal based on how it is implemented and we hope that the international community can come together and prevent the Islamic Republic from attaining nuclear weapons”, Ahmedi added.

In the statement, Ahmedi also underlined that the PDKI “hopes that the international community does not turn a blind eye to the increasing danger that Iran, even without nuclear weapons, poses to peace, security and stability in the Middle East.”

“Our party firmly believes that only if the current theocratic dictatorship is replaced by a democratic, secular and federal government could Iran respect the rights of the various nations in Iran, as well as cease to be a threat to peace, security and stability in the region and the world,” Ahmedi stressed in the statement.