PDKI and Komala support the Kurdish prisoners on hunger strike in Turkey

November 8, 2012 in Human Rights, News, Statements – Kurdish political prisoners in Turkey have been on a hunger strike for more than 50 days in order to get their demands met. The civil society in Turkish Kurdistan has during the last couple of days joined the political prisoners by expressing their support for the demands of the hunger strikers.

We are expressing our support for the legitimate rights of the Kurdish nation in Turkish Kurdistan and for this activity. We are also asking the Turkish government to stop ignoring the demands of the political prisoners who are on hunger strike. We also ask the international community and human rights organizations to take a clear position on this issue and fulfil their human obligations.

During the current circumstances we believe that it is well founded that all concerned civil society activist helps to solve the political problems they face as a nation by peaceful and democratic means. There is no doubt that taking advantage of an open political situation is the most suitable solution in regard to attaining the legitimate rights of the Kurdish people in all parts of Kurdistan.

Fifth of November 2012 – Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan / Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan