PDK-S: Kurds should attend Geneva II as a single delegation

ANF – Qamishlo 04.12.2013 – Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party Politburo member Evdilmecid Sebri spoke to ANF about the party’s attitude towards the formation of an interim autonomous government in Rojava and the international Geneva 2 Conference on Syria conflict, which will take place in January.

Sebri remarked that the Kurdish people are going through a historic period, and called on all Kurdish powers to set aside all the conflicts among each other and to attend the Geneva 2 Conference in order to shoulder the historic responsibility of theirs.

Sebri said it seems all Kurdish parties will participate in the conference as an independent delegation which -he added- however hasn’t been determined yet due to the different approaches of parties towards the form of participation. “It is obvious that some parties within the Syrian Kurdish National Council (Encumena Nîþtîmanî ya Kurdî li Sûriyeyê-ENKS) side with participating in the conference as an independent delegation”, he remarked and noted that the parties objecting to this were those under the influence of Turkey and the KDP of Msssoud Barzani.

Anonymously criticizing the Yekitiya Siyasi (Political Unity), which involves al-Party, Azadi and Yekiti parties, Sebri underlined that; “Some parties in the ENKS display an explicit attitude, they defend the benefits of the Kurdish people but they are not strong enough yet to stand against the parties that do not want Kurds to unite. Some other parties on the other hand have an ambivalent attitude which they can yet not make clear”.

Also commenting on the formation of an interim autonomous government in West Kurdistan, Sebri pointed out that it is the Turkish State that most strongly opposes to an autonomous administration in the current state of affairs. “Turkey is trying to prevent the Kurdish people from attaining their rights by using their relations with the region’s states and international forces. Some parties in South Kurdistan also display a different attitude which is also being criticized”, he said.

Sebri stressed that Kurdish parties should act in line with the benefits of the Kurdish people, rather than those of a single party and individual, in order for the changing of the attitude towards Kurds’ achievements. Sebri added that; “The U.S., some European countries and Turkey do not want Kurds to display their will and to send an independent delegation to the Geneva 2 Conference to prevent the discussion of the Kurdish question at the conference. This is not a friendly attitude”. Referring to the recently made decisions on the formation of separate autonomous administrations in the regions of Efrin, Kobanê and Cizîr, Sebri said this was a proposal put forward in order to eliminate the concerns over the division of the Syrian state and the establishment of a Kurdish country. Sebri added that the unification of autonomous governments would determine circumstances for the future. Remarking that international and regional powers continue to attack the democratic autonomous government from political, economic, diplomatic and military areas, Sebri added that these forces didn’t want Kurds to attain freedom.