1-  On 31 August at around 13:00 our, our guerrillas carried out an action against a point of Special Teams in between te area of Oramar and te district of Yuksekova/Hakkari. As a result, at least 1 member of the Special Operational Teams killed by our guerrillas.

2-        On 2 September in between 07:30-17:30 hours, our guerrillas carried out a Road Control on the Road in between the area of Gerdiya and the ditsrict of Semdinli/Hakkari. While our guerrillas stopped and controled the I.D.s, also informed the people about the developing period.

While our guerrillas continue to control the region, they placed flags on both the Hills of Senala and Radiolink, on 2 September. Aftermath of the placement of flags, the occupier Turkish state army carried out obus and mortar bombardments on these Hills, until 06:00 hour this morning.

3-        On 2 September at 22:00 hour, our guerrillas launched a Revolutionary Operation within the borders of the district of Beytussebap/Sirnak, by carrying out actions on all enemy bases of both military and policemen in the district of Beytussebap. Witin the scope of The Martrys Adil and Nuda Revolutionary Operation, the district of Beytussebap and its surrounding area under our guerrillas control, now. We will give more detail information in regard to this operation and its outcomes in the coming days.

4-        On 1 September at around 14:20 hour, our guerrillas carried out an action against te operational forces of the enemy soldiers in between the Villages of Xatipawa and Dalya/Baskale/Van. As a result, 3 enemy soldiers killed and 2 others wounded.

After an hour of the action, the enemy forces intervened to the area of action with armoured military vehicles and air-landing its forces on te area. At around 16:00 hour, clases occurred in between our guerrillas and operational forces of enemy in the Triangle of the Village of Avzan. Number of killed and wounded enemy soldiers couldn’t be able to clerified. Yet, 1 of our comrade reached to martry after brave resistance. Enemy forces carried an ambush on the corpse of our martryd comrade until 02:00 hour, and then in morning hours of 2 September pulled back.

The I.D. Details of our martryd comrade are;

Code Name: Zinar Sargac

Real Name: Tekin Guzel

Name of Mother/Father: Asiye/Ibrahim

Place of Birth: Tatvan, Bitlis

HPG Media and Communication Center 03. 09. 2012



Number of Land operations by the occupier Turkish state army: 31

Number of air-attacks by the occupier Turkis state army: 23 (As a result 14 bush-fires occurred)

Number of Attacks by cobra type enemy helicopters: 16 (As a result 4 bush-fires occurred)

Number of Tank and Cannon bombardments of Occupier TSK: 77 (As a result 13 bus-fires occurred)

Number of clases occurred as a result of operations: 21

Number of actions carried against military operations by our guerrillas: 183

Number of actions carried out by guerrillas which result unknown: 58

Number of enemy soldiers killed in clashes and actions – clerified- : 403 (14 of them are Policemen)

Number of enemy soldiers wounded in clases and actions – clerified- : 181 (4 of tem are Policemen)

Number of enemy Sikorsky type helicopters hit and damaged: 6

Number of enemy Cobra type helicopter hit and damaged: 2

Military material and positions destroyed: 16 positions, 1 Bus, 18 Panzers, 2 hedgehogs, 2 Scorpians, 4 Reo, 1 Jammer vehicle, 6 A4, 2 MG3, 1 BKC, 5 G3, 3 Nicon Binoculers, 10 telephones, 4 Train cars, 1 Conteyner)

Military materials hit damaged: 4 Panzers, 9 Scorpians, 1 Tank, 1 MoundainDeer, 1 Hedgehog and 10 armoured military vehicles, 1 A4, 9Train cars)

Military Equipments confiscated by our guerrillas: 11 Kaleskinow, 7 HK33, 6 G3, 1 BKC, 1 Bomb-thrower and 5 of its rockets, 2 Hand Pistols, 15 hand Greanades, 31 Cartridges, 6 Thermal cameras, 10 day-light binoculers, 5 night vision binoculers, 12 military bags, 1700 BKC bullets, 2 Walkie-Talkies, 2 Mortar compasses, 1 Signal jammer, 7 telephones)

Number of vehicles destroyed belongs to those in collobaration on military activities with enemy: 17 Lorries, 20 TIRs, 1 work-macine, 4 Bulldozers, 10 veicles, 1 Water tanker, 1 petrol tanker, 17 telepones)

Number of arrest and detention by our guerrillas: 18 (14 civilian and bureaucrats)

Number of Martryd Guerrillas: 31

NOT: In addition to the number of enemy soldiers killed; During a military operation of the occupier Turkis state army, the soldiers opened fire against each other and as a result 2 soldiers killed. Also, 1 anoter soldier died as a result of propeller of the helicopter. With these, total of enemy soldiers known to be killed in the month of August, 2012 is 406.The occupier Turkish state army knowingly targeting and bombards the civilian places. As a result of these bombardments many gardens, grape-yards and lands have been greatly damaged. Also, during a latest air-bombardment occurred  on 25 August, 2012, a chicken Farm and houses belongs to civilans bombarded and destroyed. As a result 8000 thousand chickens killed, the place destroyed and a car grately damaged.

HPG Media and Communication Center 03. 09. 2012