Öcalan: “We Will Not Throw Gasoline On This Fire” / APO PREFERS AN ERDOGAN (AKP) GOVERNMENT – NOTHING ELSE

(ANF) 12.1.2014 – A BDP-HDP Delegation has met with Abdullah Öcalan, the imprisoned Kurdish leader, today on Imrali Island about the peace process and recent political developments in Turkey. Following the meeting the BDP-HDP released a written statement on behalf of Öcalan, in which Öcalan warned of the possibility of another coup and expressed his opposition to all those seeking to disrupt the peace process. The full text of the statement, translated into English, follows below:

I celebrate this new year with the wish that the hopes of our peoples for peace, democracy and freedom will become a reality.

While I remember Sakine Cansız, Leyla Şaylemez and Fidan Doğan, whose names have become symbols of the freedom struggle, with respect and thanks I want to make it clear that we will by all means hold those perpetrators of this terrible massacre to account. The most effective response that we can give to this massacre, which was carried out with the aim of striking a blow to the peace process, would be to reach a decisive peace despite all the obstacles to our attempts toward a lasting peace and a democratic solution. We will dedicate this peace and democratic solution to all the martyrs of freedom in the name of our comrades.

If War Is Hell Then Peace Is Heaven

The process that we began and which is about to achieve historical results is at a place that I can describe thus: If war is hell then peace is heaven. We have taken one foot out of hell but as for the other foot we are now waiting in purgatory because of the obstacles that have been put in our way. We are working to develop a suitable framework for the peace process. Despite all obstacles our will for peace is as determined as on the day we began. However it should be known that we cannot remain in purgatory forever. In order to immediately rescue our country and our region from the conditions of war everyone must demonstrate an urgent and unshakable will.

Recent developments have shown that if the peace process is not immediately strengthened and the construction of a completely democratic country does not take place domestic and foreign forces who are enemies of democracy and want war will speed up their conspiracies These lands have been scorched by the fires of coups for the last two centuries. The process which we have developed is anti-coup and has as its target a democratic society.

We Will Not Throw Gasoline On This Fire

I want to remark on two important matters that everyone both inside and outside the peace process needs to know: Those who want to set our country ablaze once again with the fire of a coup should know that we will not throw gasoline on this fire. They will find us to be against every coup attempt just as we always have been. However those who are approaching the process of a democratic solution unwillingly or without intelligence also should know that a democratic peace, which is the only way to put out this fire, must be immediately established.

The Process Can No Longer Bear This Lack Of Seriousness

The process can no longer bear this lack of seriousness and this absence of a legal framework. The most effective way of exposing and condemning the coup plotters is to develop a clear, bold and democratic program of negotiation. Today is just the time for the legal arrangements which have been put off until today for various reasons. History will do away with those who neglect this without the time for them to take a lesson from it.

I Will Address The Armenian People In A Comprehensive Letter

The concept of a coup will become permanently a thing of the past when it is supplanted by speedy work towards democratization. I invite all democratic forces to comprehend this seriousness and mobilize for this reality.

As I finish my words I salute the memory and struggle of the valued son of the Armenian people, our brother Hrant. I hope to address our Armenian comrades with a comprehensive letter and to do this in time for the anniversary of Hrant’s murder. Once more I send my greetings to the mothers of peace, to the women, to the youth, to all those in prison and in particular to sick prisoners.