Öcalan: Second phase should be deeper & more comprehensive

DEEPER than the first phase on deepest lower level ? (MESOP)

ANF – ISTANBUL 22.10.2013 –  PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) leader Abdullah Öcalan’s brother Mehmet Öcalan spoke to DIHA (Dicle News Agency) about the meeting he had with the Kurdish leader on Monday.

Mehmet Öcalan said the Kurdish leader talked about the peace process, approaching local elections and the HDP (People’s Democratic Party) Congress to take place in capital Ankara on 27 October.

The Kurdish leader said he has received the letters KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) executives in Kandil have recently sent to him. Öcalan- his brother said- expressed his appreciation for the non-conflict environment maintained for one year now, but added that the first phase of the democratic resolution process ended on 15 October from his point of view. “In the current phase I cannot estimate the direction of the process but the second phase should be deeper and more comprehensive”, Öcalan quoted the Kurdish leader as saying.

The PKK leader said he was ready for further involvement in the process to come up with a solution to the major problems needed to be resolved, and stressed that the process should continue in a new manner.

The Kurdish leader said he now expected to receive an answer from the state’s delegation about the course of the process, and could have further talks with the delegation concerning the steps needed for the advancement of the process should they agree to continue. “If the delegation doesn’t answer, I assume this would mean that the process has ended on their part, which would also mean that it would end on our part as well. I am neither hopeful nor hopeless about the process. I will make the necessary contribution to the process”, his brother quoted Öcalan as saying.

Concerning the denial of permission for BDP (Peace and Democracy Party) co-chair Selahattin Demirtaş’s involvement in the BDP delegation during the last visit to İmralı, the Kurdish leader pointed out that it was not the government but the BDP that should decide on the names to pay the visits to İmralı. “I suppose the BDP will not pay a visit if not allowed to determine the names for visits. I approve this true decision and support them”, Öcalan said.

According to his brother, Öcalan also laid emphasis on the importance of the establishment of the co-chair system as a permanent solution to the matter of women’s involvement in politics. Öcalan also proposed a primary election for the nomination of candidates for the coming local elections, and pointed out that the elections should be performed in a democratic, just and fair way, such as the withdrawal of mayors holding office for two terms. “We need to develop democracy and freedom inside us for the liberation of the Kurdish people”, Öcalan said. The Kurdish leader -his brother said- has also sent a letter to the HDP to be released at the party congress on 27 October, and said that the HDP was an old project that is being planned to be put into practice now. Öcalan said everyone should give weight to HDP and contribute the party from now on.