NORTH KURDISTAN / Prisoners: we want concrete answers

09 November 2012 – ANF –  “We won’t end our action without concrete and straight answer to our demands and this answer is put into practice”, prisoners say. In a statement on behalf of Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) and Kurdistan Women’s Liberation Party (PAJK) prisoners on the 58th day of their hunger strike, Deniz Kaya called on Prime Minister Erdoğan, the AKP government and relevant ministries to give concrete answers and steps for the demands they have highlighted.

Kaya said prisoners attached importance to the recent statements by Deputy PM Bülent Arınç and Minister of Justice Sadullah Ergin and added; “It should be known that we will not end our action unless we receive a concrete and straight answer to our demands and this answer is put into practice”. 

Pointing out that their demands are concrete and clear to give rise to any kind of manipulation and distortion, Kaya underlined that; “No one can claim our demands to be unfair because of the fact that these demands are for the fulfillment of the natural rights of a nation. We want to exercise these rights of ours as we know we will be losing our humanity without them.” Kaya noted that these demands are also highlighted for a more democratic, peaceful and free living for all peoples in the territory of Kurdistan and Turkey.

Kaya remarked that they aren’t threating anyone with their demands and added; “We are willing to sacrifice our lives to ensure a free, dignified and equal living for our peoples and we will continue to try doing so until our people gain freedom and peace dominates this territory.” Kaya pointed out that any positive step taken for the fulfillment of their demands will be answered in the same manner. Kaya called on the mainstream media to stop insulting the prisoners and their action and ended with a call to the Kurdish people and their friends to enhance the democratic struggle in order to contribute to the fulfillment of their demands.