No Minister List For Kurdish Transitional Govt in Syria

Arab-Der head Şükrü Kırboğa claims in an interview with Bügün that Muhammed Fares will be a minister in the future transitional government that is proposed by PYD. Mohammed Fares is a member of the Tay tribe and is the head of a pro-Assad militia in Qamishli.

The PYD/TEV-DEM never announce a list of ministers in their media and most likely this was a joke by an anti-PYD activist (I don’t remember who started it, but I remember someone on Facebook started this). This was even copy pasted by a website that sympathizes with the PYD, but is not associated with them and also other Kurdish activists and Kurdish news websites fell for the joke/parody. As a result some experts also seemed to be convinced about this minister list. I spoke with a member of the PYD and he confirmed that this list is not serious and that Mohammed Fares (who is part of Assad’s intelligence apparatus) can never be part of a future Kurdish transitional government. The only thing which got confirmed is the draft constitution called “Social Contract for Western Kurdistan” which includes a plan to set up twenty-one ministries, but which is not ratified yet. A decision on ministers would be decided in the future and after talks between the different Kurdish parties. – Posted