Murad Karayilan: Erdogan’s bet on Gara failed


Murad Karayilan indicated that they owe to the martyrs who have achieved the great victory in Gara region, alluding the purpose of these attacks is to prolong the flabby regime in Turkey, stressing that they are fully ready to receive any international party to disclose the truth the killing of prisoners.

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On Monday, Stêrk TV held an extended interview with the Commander-in-Chief of the Central Command of the People ‘s Defense Force HPG, Murad Karayilan, who talked about the Turkish attacks on Gara region in legitimate defense zones “Medeyah”, on February 10, which It lasted 4 days, and the withdrawal the Turkish occupation army from the area after suffering painful blows by the Guerilla forces.

We owe to martyrs’ sacrifices that achieved the historic and great victory in Gare

At the beginning of his speech, Murad Karayilan recalled the 15 fighters in the ranks of the Guerilla forces who were martyred during the Gara battles, offering condolences to their families and the general Kurdish people, and said, “We owe them and their sacrifices this great victory that has been achieved, which has become an epic in the history of the freedom movement.”

He added, “Gara’s heroic epic an achieved by Guerilla fighters, who fought valiantly and redemption, our forces managed to defeat Turkish state that planned to attack on Gara region on large scale for many months, where several discussions had been held between the president of state, senior officers in the army leadership and ministers from the government,” preparing to attack Gara with the aim of occupying it.

And added” Turkish state over the past six years, launched violent attacks against the Kurdish liberation movement, adding, “But it was unable to achieve any victory nor reach any goal it hoped for from these attacks.”

The purpose of these attacks is to prolong the rule regime in Turkey

Regarding the results of the defeat of the Turkish occupation army in Gara inside Turkey, Murad Karayilan said, “This failure has caused a crisis within the Turkish regime led by the Justice and Development Party and the National Movement (AKP-MHP), which are experiencing diplomatic, political and economic crises, in addition to societal crises in Turkey, and all These crises pose risks to the ruling authorities, and all these fierce attacks launched against us are aimed at prolonging the life of this flabby regime. ”

If it had achieved its goals in Gara, it would have headed towards early elections

Regarding the intentions of the Turkish state and what it was planning in the event of achieving its goals in Gara, Murad Karayilan said, “If the Turkish state had achieved its goals from the recent attack on Gara and managed to occupy the region, it would have announced early elections to establish its authority and tighten its grip on the reins of power.

During the year and a half the Turkish occupation army launched 10 massive attacks in Bakur Kurdistan( Northern Kurdistan), starting from the regions of Sarhad to Mirdin and Dersim, but it suffered defeats in all those operations that did not reap what was hope to achieve, then came the attack on Gara, which It was planned with the aim of occupying the most strategic areas, to implement severe siege on our forces, but it failed again and suffered a great defeat thanks to the resistance of the Guerilla fighters and their preparations for battles of this kind.

′ One of their goals was to reach the prisoners, whether they were alive or dead ′

He pointed out that the Turkish state had information about the existence of a camp in which our forces keep prisoners from the occupation army, and he continued by saying, “We were aware that they had this information, so they launched the attack on the camp, hoping to be able to reach the prisoners, whether they are alive or dead.” “In order to benefit from it in front of public opinion. This was the reason for publishing lies and allegations that the prisoners were civilians … and its goal was not fulfilled.”

Erdogan’s bet on a failed Gara ′

The Commander-in-Chief of the Central Command of the Kurdistan People’s Defense Forces HPG continued, “Erdogan’s bet on the Gara attack was a failed bet, as it seemed like a gambler in an unreasonable operation, despite the great preparations for it. They came to Gara with the aim of occupying it, but they suffered a terrible defeat, which caused They were very shocked, then they announced that their goal is to free the prisoners. ”

Use internationally prohibited weapons to be able to flee the area ′

Regarding the resistance of the Guerilla, Murad Karayilan, said, “Our comrades, Şoreş, Rojhat, and Sevian led a historic resistance, after the start of the attack on Gare, when the Guerilla fighters dealt painful blows to the occupation army and surrounded its soldiers in a rough place.

Therefore, the occupation army hastened to use gas and internationally prohibited weapons, in an attempt to escape and flee the region, amidst terror and pain for its members who tried for 4 days to enter the camp, but the Guerilla resistance thwarted their attempts.

Their claim that we killed the prisoners is a fabrication ′

Murad Karayilan confirmed the falsehood of the Turkish state’s claims about the killing of Turkish captives by Guerilla fighters, and also publishing news that those prisoners were civilians, adding, “During our long war with the Turkish state, we captured hundreds of Turkish soldiers and army elements, and we did not kill any of our captives.

During the last attack on Gara, the enemy’s army was not able to rescue the prisoners while they were alive, and the army officers were aware of this fact, so they issued orders to attack the camp by air, with the aim of killing the prisoners and fabricating the accusation of killing them with the Guerilla forces.

We have always treated the prisoners humanely and ethically, and many times we hand them over to their families in various ways, through mediators or notables.

Each time, the AKP and MHC regime did not send anyone to attend these renditions, and also did not allow delegates from human rights organizations to attend either.

We are committed to international laws and are ready to receive any international body for investigation

We assure international and local public opinion that we are committed to the international laws followed in wars and armed conflicts, and that we make great efforts to preserve the lives of prisoners and treat them humanely, based on international treaties.

We say it publicly, we are open to any international party that sends its delegations to our regions with the aim of investigating facts and carrying out independent investigations. The bodies of our martyrs are there, and they can take samples from them to verify the types of weapons used by the Turkish occupation army, and they can conduct research in the camp about how the Turkish prisoners were killed, and we guarantee them full protection from any dangers. We call on it to verify the claims