MSOP NEWS : Germany provides weapon training to peshmerga in Erbil

ANF – ERBIL 12.09.2014 14:30:14 – The German army (Bundeswehr) announced in a statement on its website that it has begun to provide training for the use of the weapons Germany dispatched to South Kurdistan as part of military supply to be used in the fight against the Islamic State.

The statement said that two German sergeants in Erbil have started to provide weapon training to the peshmerga, firstly a group of 33 fighters, for the use of radios, metal detectors and night vision devices. An interpreter has been hired to establish communication between the German sergeants and peshmerga fighters. One of the sergeants said after the first say of the instruction that the Kurdish soldiers have participated the training very well. While the statement provides no information as to how long the training will continue, it notes that G3 and G36 rifles and military vehicles are expected in the following deliveries of weapons. Thousands of peshmerga fighters are being planned to be armed with the military equipment supplied by Germany for South Kurdistan in response to the escalating savagery of ISIS gangs in and around Sinjar. As part of the military supply for South Kurdistan, Bundeswehr is expected to send further ammunition and weapons amounting up to 70 million euros to support Kurds in the fight against the terrorist militia Islamic State (IS).