Mohsen Rezaee officially announced to be a candidate for the Iranian presidential election in eastern Kurdistan

Rojhelat 10.3.2013 – The secretary general of Expediency Discernment Council addressed the people of Divandareh in the city’s Grand Mosque: “I have been asked several time whether I will participate in the scene of presidential election or not, and I had postponed the answer to this question to the appropriate time and place, and today, among the people of Divandareh in Kurdistan province I announce that I will participate in the forthcoming presidential election.”

On the afternoon of Monday, March 4, amongst the people of Divandareh, Mohsen Rezaee said: “I am announcing this (my candidature) in this city in order to show my belief and approach towards resolving the country’s issues, and on top of that, unemployment and inflation, with the help of people and the young.”

He goes on to say: “many, advised me to make my participation in the election official, in Tehran, since it will grab the attention of the press; however, for the reasons I mentioned, I decided to announce this matter in Divandareh.”

“Today, on my way to Divandareh, I opened a Qur’an the Mamosta of Salahaddin Ayoubi mosque had given me and got my blessing from there, too”, said the secretary general of Expediency Discernment Council and continued to point out the economic issues: “Today, what people earn builds up the foundation of their lives; if production costs, and of course, people income increase, we will witness a decline in immigration and even reversion of immigrations and this is the responsibility officials have on their shoulders.”

“We must trust people with their generation of employment so that we can overcome both unemployment and inflation; because any where we have counted on people we have overcome the harshest obstacles and the example for that is the Holy Defense”, Rezaee added. “Today, in our country, many gaps have appeared particularly in the area of economy and culture, which have to be indentified and filled, and this is plausible and we have to remedy the situation with the help of people.”

“Using the country’s tremendous capacities, especially the public capacity, we must rectify the economy, culture, industry, agriculture and the lives of people, and I would like to do that with the youth of third and fourth generation of the revolution; with those young people whom may no one know.” The secretary general of Expediency Discernment Council stated: “I have such style and approach that I work with people and the young, and to this end I have prepared comprehensive plans. With the help of God and people and with the enlightening advices of Ayatollah Khamenei in the coming years, not only will we overcome the sanctions, but we will also bring prosperity to the economy of Iran, and this is doable with the condition of counting on people.”